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What are your customers thinking?

Our Approach

First commandment of martial art: “Thou shalt not block with thy face.” People always smile at the simplicity of this idea. As an advanced (Seventh Dan) student, martial art is my passion. The years of training have taught me the worth of commitment and consistency. As a professor at Columbus State Community College, my favorite course is Business Ethics. Not everyone approaches ethics in the same way, but all agree about the importance of a good reputation.

Since the starting point for every business is their customers, this is where we begin. Our first step for both new and existing clients is sitting down to discuss their current situation. Together we determine the kinds of customer or employee feedback that will be of greatest value. The goal is high-quality customer engagement. We then determine the most appropriate means of collecting information, gather it, and deliver both detailed and summary reports.

Approach and Capabilities: Let's Talk

RFG Marketing began operation in 1993. Our staff offers decades of data analysis, public policy, and report writing experience. Their seasoned perspectives of the research process are especially valued.

Industry experience includes: supply chains, manufacturing, health care services, telecommunications, software services, and the metals industry (stainless and carbon steel, bronze, aluminum, and titanium). 

Company History and Background

Owner Robert "Bob" Gross has over 30 years of experience developing and implementing successful customer and employee feedback programs. His education includes an MBA from Capital University and a Bachelor's degree from Miami University of Ohio. He is a past president of the Columbus Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Contact him directly at: 614-298-8511.

RFG Marketing's focus is assisting our clients' sales and marketing process with their customers' essential needs in mind. We provide straightforward, easy-to-understand information our clients can act on to improve business performance.

A second and related focus is assisting clients in learning more about their employee insights, perceptions, and needs.

Our Customers' Comments

RFG Marketing is proud of the relationships we have with our clients. Here is a sample of our customer feedback:

Bob demonstrated early his commitment to administer a fair survey, a survey that is easily interpreted and understood, and to have minimal impact on production. Each year as he administers the survey he notes areas that can be improved upon and applies those improvements the next year.

The outcome of the survey is presented in a professional manner, with an Executive Summary outlining the results, highlighting areas for improvement, and suggestions as to how to achieve those improvements. The detailed portion of the report is presented graphically to easily compare results from year to year. Bob personally reviews the survey results with the COO and me.


We had a very positive experience with them and I would recommend them highly. The survey they conducted for us was thorough, fully explained and valuable to us not only in validating our current marketing programs but helpful in planning new strategies. It also clearly pointed out areas in which improvement was necessary, which is the most important of all.