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Customer Feedback

Competitive Customer Relations

RFG Marketing works with your business to develop the mix of information gathering techniques best suited to your particular situation. We develop retention strategies for customers based on what your customers are really thinking. Finding out what employees think provides additional insight into the competitive environment.

Distinct Customer Groups

We get into specifics for special customer groups. Examples include high-revenue or international accounts that may differ from those of the rest of your customer base. Your internal customers' (dealer networks for some companies) needs are important too. Contact us today to find out what different groups of customers are thinking.

Share in Your Customers' Success

Especially during times of economic growth, you need to know what customers need now to rebuild. RFG Marketing asks the right questions so you have the right information to ensure that customer service is a competitive advantage.


Customer Retention

Invest in making customer interactions more effective and profitable by finding out:

voice of the customer tools