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 Employee Feedback

How well do your employees know your customers?

Employees sometimes miss exactly which elements of performance customers value most. What are the most important KPIs in the eyes of your customers?

Customer Priorities Employee Priorities

Our process ensures you and your employees refocus attention on your customers' most important issues.

Do front-line employees know what you would like to know?

Employees with regular customer contact see and hear what actually happens during a service encounter. Information they have may not get up the management chain for a variety of reasons.

RFG Marketing regularly incorporates employee input designed to identify undervalued customer services issues. Sometimes these lead to value-added services.

What matters to your employees?

Data distributions like the one below give at-a-glance information about key workplace issues.

Supervisorshelps me do my job better


Results from employee surveys can be misleading. In one case, we were able to show that a poorly worded question lead a client to believe they could be open to litigation. In reality, the issue was something else entirely.

Multicultural Environments

multicutural employeesEmployees may come from many countries and backgrounds.

For many, English is not their first language. Not only that, cultural barriers are not always obvious. Survey design and administration need special attention under these conditions.

When dealing with the multicultural workplace, it is especially important to create an atmosphere where everyone feels secure enough to be candid. What are the significant customer service issues and perhaps related workplace issues?

When discussing workplace issues, we provide a buffer allowing employees to express concerns freely. This allows you, management, to address problems and strengthen what works. What can you learn from your employees?