Client Solutions

What's the problem?

We know what happens when we trying solving the wrong problem. To avoid this mistake, ask the right questions so the real issues can be addressed.

How do we know we are asking the right questions? One of our clients thought they were until the answers stopped making sense.

The survey they once used referred to "Sexual Harassment." It was worded so it almost guaranteed female employees would answer “Yes.”

“Sexual harassment” is a broad term applying to a wide range of undesirable behaviors. Their former research supplier spent little time writing or analyzing the questions beforehand. We spend time with our clients to make sure the questions will give them reliable information they can confidently act on.


Subcontractor Performance

Like you, our clients use subcontractors. Our clients use them for everything from physical distribution to installations. To get top performance from them, they wanted hear what their customers had to say about how well subcontractors were delivering service.

Your customers’ perspective gives insights your daily managerial reports may not. Our clients learned which subcontractors consistently delivered on schedule. They also found out which ones came to a work site ready to start an installation without delays. Accurate information lets you reward and retain your top performing subcontractors.


Measure Success the Way Your Customers Do

One of our clients realized their employees and customers were not measuring success in the same way. We both agreed we had to get to the core of matter quickly.

First, we identified the core performance issues from both sides. Next, both employees and customer responded to similar questions. The results told us where customers and employees were in agreement and where they were not. We uncovered some important strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.

Most employees want to do a good job so we asked them what could be done to improve performance. These pieces of the puzzle are too often missing. It is pretty easy to figure out what's the problem but much harder to find a way to fix it. Employees can be a valuable resource for your best ideas but only if they are asked.

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