The Voice of Your Customers

Keep customers meeting
Comprehensive customer performance data.

Our clients keep the customers they have and acquire the customers they want. RFG Marketing focuses on business to business. We provide information that goes beneath the surface of customer data. We cover areas dealing with pricing, product/service performance, gap analysis, product delivery, and subcontractor performance. Our clients gain information aimed at improving the linkage between their two most important assets, customers and employees. What should your company be doing to make your employees more effective in the eyes of your customers?

Ford Motor estimates that a 1% increase in customer retention yields $100 million in additional profit. Let’s find out how your company can keep its good customers.

Speaking your customers’ language has multiple advantages on many levels. Do your customers speak Spanish, Italian, or German? As we know, it would be a mistake to think Francais is the same as Français Canadien. Does your customer base have discrete industry segments using unique terminologies? It pays to do our homework before gathering information. Timely information about what your customers are thinking gives you a clearer idea of where and when to invest your resources.

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