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The projects outlined here are examples of our process and results.

Our approach to your information needs will be unique and appropriate to your situation.

Multicultural Employee Environments

A provider of commercial medical laundry services, this client must maintain the strictest quality standards. To do so, they rely on a workforce representing at least fifteen birth countries and speaking a dozen languages. With this wide range of cultures and the importance that the work is done properly, it is essential that they have harmonious relations in the workplace.

Since English is not the first language for a significant proportion of employees, the key issue in helping this company was providing understandable communication and high-quality feedback. These issues exemplify the challenges of a diverse, multicultural workplace.

Before we came on the scene, a poorly worded question lead to needless concern on the part of management. Since asking the wrong questions naturally leads to the wrong answers, this client was trying to solve a problem they didn’t really have.

Our challenge was to develop a set of questions worded in such a way as to be clearly understood in a multitude of contexts. They survey had to administered so that the meaning of each question was as clear as possible. Follow-up surveys showed that the feedback led to changes that were on the mark.

Competitive Customer Relations

This commercial flooring company performs installations throughout the United States during the periods of time when their clients’ retail establishments are closed. They rely on a combination of direct employees and subcontractors to complete the work. Not surprisingly, quality control, service following the project’s completion, and competitive pricing make up the essentials for this client.

This client took advantage of the strengths identified during the customer feedback process by incorporating them into trade show displays. As with RFG Marketing’s other clients, customer feedback proved to be valuable in a number of ways, including supporting sales.

Voice of Internal and International Customers

This multinational corporation has several business units whose factories’ output ranges from processing raw ore to creating a variety of finished parts. This vertically integrated producer of refined ore and fabricated parts distributes finished products and raw material to customers world-wide. In a business as complex as this one, the customer service issues are specific yet may be reduced to price, service, and quality. The details of these three elements are very important to maintain market position.

In order to compete in this environment, more than ten interdependent business units comprising this corporation have to coordinate their activities. Customer service means not only serving the outside customer, but internal customers as well. For the multiple business units and the company as a whole, RFG Marketing identified the pertinent customer service key performance indicators gauging the relative significance of each of them for internal as well as external customers.

In addition, we measured the quality of service among these dimensions. The information derived allowed each business unit to address its unique issues as they apply to sales and customer satisfaction. Finally, there was a comparison between customer with employee views on corresponding performance indicators. This step made it easier to identify which areas to focus on improving.

Subcontractor Performance

This client’s distribution function is outsourced. Like many companies, subcontractors add another layer to the operational environment. Management needed to know for sure that deliveries were being made on time and in the quantities specified.

As a contract manufacturer of a variety of chemical compounds, the customer service environment for this client requires close attention to environmental regulations in addition to manufacturing specifications. This company has customers in several countries. The ability to remain competitive in the face of complex customer and regulatory requirements is always a challenge.

The information gathered and analyzed by RFG Marketing provided the client with a clearer picture of how they were doing from the perspectives of the varied segments of their customer base. This feedback identified opportunities to change some areas of service and to build on strengths.

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